Big Cat Briefing Feb 10 2019

2019 | 2:21 | ANIMALS |

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Good day today!

We got a lot of sign offs done today for tours and specialty tours, operant, and enrichment.

Tanya Chute and Dylan Lavigne finished Nabisco Bobcat's enclosure by grass seeding and scrubbing the platform.

Tanya Chute, Dylan Lavigne, Bridget Sardone, Stephanie Chaiser, and Afton Tasler worked on Sapphire Tiger's enclosure with coaching from Jasmine Tiger. It was cleaned from top to bottom entirely, and we also raked around the outside. It still needs to be grass seeded and the pools skimmed and cleaned a bit. We had a lot of fun during projects!! Watch the video posted lol!! - Afton Tasler

Fantastic day today!!! It started cool in the morning, heated up nicely mid day and cooled off again in the late afternoon. This made for very happy volunteers and cats!

We gave Cameron Lion a Turkey today and he ate like a champ. While he was eating I had my dirt brigade ( Babs Riddle, Kristen Dawley, Rich Bluder and Maureen Calderon) came in and covered the edge of their open air enclosure with dirt!

All, while Becky Gagliardo was channeling Cameron after she scrubbed his platform water bowl and picked up their . Doesn’t she looks just like him?

After a full day of feeding and cleaning our great volunteers sat together to tell each other all the cute things they saw the cats do today.

Another Amazing Day at Big Cat Rescue!!! - Angie Gabor

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