Big Cat Briefing Jan 25 2019

2019 | 3:23 | ANIMALS |

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Had a great Day today, lots of great volunteers were here to help the cats!

Cleaning and feeding were covered so we could finish up some projects and start others.

Tanya Fred and Dylan finished up Ginger Serval’s cage so she can come home tomorrow.

We started half of Sheena's cage and half of Kricket Servals’s cage. Thanks to Tanya and Dylan for finishing during tours.

Michael and Bonnie stayed late to get Sundari Leopard’s cage started, we pulled out her old enrichment and Christmas tree and got her big section raked.

Thank you to Susan Reed and Desmond. Fowles for making cicles and Sue stayed to back up a tour so projects could keep going. Thanks to Liz and Diana Rao for staying to help with tours also.

Megan and Diana both did Private tours today!

Marie gave out cicles.

Was a busy day but everyone pitched in and got things done!!

The picky cats were super picky today. Cameron Lion did not eat well and Frosty Serval did not eat well. Hopefully both boys will eat better tomorrow.

That's all for me! - Kathryn Stapleton

Fun day today!

We had a lot of volunteers come in today to help feed, clean, and do projects!

Foodprep was finished early thanks to Dylan Lavigne and Fred Pagan.

Thank you Fred Pagan for spray painting and dirting both of Ginger Serval’s lockouts and painting Gilligan the Canada Lynx’s.

Thank you Mazz, Karla Pinzon, Susana Zhong for raking around the front section near Nabisco Bobcat.

Kathyrn Stapleton and Devin Saari cleaned out Frosty Serval’s dens so now they are all clean.

We had a new shipment of rats for the rehabs. There are both boy and girls. Make sure we keep the boy and girls separated. The cages are labeled.

Thanks Dylan Lavigne for sweeping and mopping the big hospital.

Thank you to Victoria DiGiacomo for staying late to do the supplements and feeding out the snacks.

Thanks for all the hard work today! - Devin Saari

Ginger Serval was brought home form Funcation, and after a few attempts with a few cats, Zimba Serval decided he wanted to go into Funcation

Duchess Tiger was brought home from Vacation and Kali was let out into Vacation!

The empty cage next to Kricket Serval was cleaned up, but will probably need some grass seed. Thanks Erin Carden, Tanya Chute, Fred Pagan, & Mazz for getting that done and starting on the cage next to it!
Thanks everyone for all your hard work today! Lauren Grant


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