Big Cat Briefing Jan 7 2019

2019 | 2:43 | ANIMALS |

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Back to a normal Sunday Funday for me and all my regular volunteers were here. Chilly morning made for a great day to be working outside

Since there are only 3 interns this week and we were totally sold out for tours today, I had every Senior/Master keeper help me with food prep. It was a great refresher for them to participate - thank you to Jennifer Ruszczyk, Cindy Kuharek, Michael Heap, Rebecca Williams, Brittany Mira for helping out.

While waiting for feeding to get done, Stephanie Witherspoon and Deidra Ritchie vacuumed and mopped the Wingsong hospital and Candice Casey cleaned the keeper cafe so Dylan Lavigne and Susana Zhong could go to gift shop, where they pretty much stayed all day..

Big thanks to partners that covered all the other tours: Jennie Jamison, Marilyn Halpin, Christine Hamblin, Lisa Spencer-Novak, Debra Bogstad, while Edith Parker kept he gift shop humming. Mary Jerome stayed to back up a tour again. So helpful to stay all day like that. Dennis Mitchell and June Marsilia answered Aleesa Salcido's call for help and came in to cover the third 3pm tour.

Tanya Chute did the meat inventory of the freezers and created a new tab with totals starting totals. She also helped w/ afternoon supplements, double checked food prep and did all the afternoon chores.

Michael Heap did another big cat feeding observation as a refresher and Cindy Kuharek got another operant signoff on leopards and cougars. Susan Reed came on to get a signoff observing the keeper tour so she went out with Desmond. Fowles.

Jennifer Holley and Darren Holley were here and dismantled and took out the small platform with the criss-cross ramps in the enclosure on tiger island across from Keisha. They'll be back next week to build a tiger-sized one.

I was busy and didn't get around to take a lot of photos of people. Shame on me. I had to care for the animal cats (thanks to Michael for help cleaning them), so I'm leaving you with one picture of Ginger in her cage. - Lynda Licht

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