Big Cat Briefing Jan 9 2019

02:22 · 2019

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Today was a very busy day and we had just enough people come in to get feeding, cleaning, and projects done

Food-prep was finished after lunch thanks to Dylan Lavigne and Fred Pagan

Dylan Lavigne made new Epakitin capsules

Michael Heap set up the new battery banks around the sanctuary

Megan Myers and I cleaned up the tables and coolers for Howard Baskins event tomorrow

People who needed sign-offs got them today

Thank you Marie Schoubert for doing the cicle cats

Dylan Lavigne and Fred Pagan finished inside Zucari's enclosure. We now just need to rake around the outside of the enclosure.

Thank you Megan Myers and Bethany Smith for staying late and helping with 3pm tours!!

Thank you to everyone who came out today the cats and I appreciate it! - Devin Saari


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