Big Cat Briefing July 1 2019

02:15 · 2019

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Great day today, pretty hot but only rained for a short time. We got some sign offs for feeding and enrichment today for keepers and interns. The interns really knocked it out of the park today, they cleaned, they fed, they did tours and worked on raking around Des Serval's enclosure and even moved some signs for me. Lacy got her last feeding signoff and she also cleaned and worked on raking. Mai, Deidre and Nicole were my red shirt stars and Steph, Sarah and Rebecca and Matt and Jen were my senior stars doing meds, feeding and cleaning and the specialty tours. Matt removed a huge pile of sticks from behind the leopards. I guess Sundays really are a Sunday Funday.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work. - Becky Gagliardo


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