Big Cat Briefing July 12 2019

2019 | 4:12 | ANIMALS |

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Today was a sad day with the loss of our sweet Thurston Bobcat (to a brain tumor).

Thank you to everyone who came in and worked so hard to get it all done today.

The last day of Pancur was an overall success.

Nisha Justin Elizabeth and Erin A cleaned up one side of Moses and Bailey Bobcat's cage and gave them topsoil and grass seed to grow.

In the afternoon Fred, Justin, Elizabeth, Erin A and Mazz picked up sticks around the sanctuary, weed eated and cleaned up the “be the cat” cage for our guests.

Thanks everyone again for all your help today! - Erin Carden

Rainy day today! Dylan, Erin A., Erin P., Nisha, & Lisa Spencer-Novak mowed and weed-eated all around the trailers, workshop, & dirt mounds by food prep first thing this AM.

We didn't move any cats today, but Fred, Lisa, & Nisha still weed-eated around the outside of Funcation so there is less to do when cats move tomorrow

Dylan, Kate, & Justin cleaned up all of the sticks and branches that fell on and around the long empty enclosure by Des Serval. Dylan also worked on some patches in there.

Erin & Erin picked up lots of sticks & branches around intern housing and the tour path. Kate, Fred, Dylan, & Elizabeth cleaned up the grassy area by Beacher the Savannah Cat.

Candy Couser did some patches on ZuchariServal's enclosure.
BethAnn Bluder, Gina Schopmeyer, & Lisa worked on letters today.
We ended a little early, but managed to get lots of clean up done! Thanks everyone for your hard work and making it a great day! - Lauren Grant

Smalls Bobcat had an injured toe and has been brought in for evaluation.

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