Big Cat Briefing July 15 2019

2019 | 2:42 | ANIMALS |

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Hot day today but we still had a great group of hard working interns and volunteers. Candice Casey Stephanie Witherspoon and Lacy Benton cleaned all the little cat sections lacy benton also cleaned cougars. Candice and stephanie cleaned the windows in the kitten cabana so our guests could see them. Matt Ruszczyk Brittany Mira Rebecca Williams and Sarah Copel cleaned all the big cat sections. Lynda Licht and Dylan Lavigne lead the keeper tour and matt lead the feeding tour. Fred Pagan Mazz Amirat Kate O'Gorman Monisha Prema Erin Payne and Jennifer Ruszczyk all worked throughout the day on the empty tiger cages. Lynda and rebecca signed interns and volunteers off on enrichment and operant conditioning. Erin took her map test and got 100% great job! Jennifer Holley and Darren Holley fixed a platform in funcation. The were going to work on Lovey’s platform but she would not cooperate. Finally Karma Hurworth Edith Parker and the whole gift shop crew kept everything running awesome in the giftshop and tours. Great day but I am pooped!! - Jennifer Ruszczyk‎

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