Big Cat Briefing July 19 2019

2019 | 1:23 | ANIMALS |

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Great day today! Fred, Abbey, Kate, Erin P., Nisha, Mazz, & Julia Kiser worked on the long tiger cage behind the leopard lounge in the morning. After lunch, all of the interns spent time continuing on that cage. The last bubble was completely weed-eated and half raked, and the roof was cleaned off. There is still some more to do on the inside, but A LOT of vines and things to clean up on the outside. The tunnels in tiger island also need to be done.

Victor, Cody, & Jamie started the piping for the new tiger pools. There is a ditch blocking the tour path by Keisha so don't use it until it's been filled in. Candy Couser started weed-eating behind Keisha & Kali's enclosures, and I cleaned up the plumbago a little so that it'll be a little easier to walk around. Lots of enrichment and operant signoffs were done today. Thanks everyone for coming in and working hard!! - Lauren Grant

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