Big Cat Briefing July 2 2019

2019 | 1:48 | ANIMALS |

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Awesome Tuesday today!

We were able to start projects early today since we had a good amount of volunteers in to feed and clean.

The interns and Karla Pinzon worked in Des Serval's enclosure in the morning and were able to finish it. Des now has full access to his enclosure.

Also the interns finished raking down the tour path towards Diablo Savannah Cat.

Mazz Amiratz smashed food-prep in the afternoon and the other interns that were not on tours worked in Kali Tiger's new enclosure making it nice for her return from vacation.

Marie Schoubert and Cindy did the blood cicle cats.

Enrichment and Operant was done today right before lunch which was a nice break for everyone.

A full meat inventory was completed today thanks to Mazz Amirat

Thank you to everyone who worked hard in the heat! -Devin Saari

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