Big Cat Briefing July 22 2019

2019 | 1:40 | ANIMALS |

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It was a good day today! We were a bit waterlogged at the end, but overall a good day.

Thank you to the Red brigade today (Candice, Nicole, Jeff and Erica) also Amanda and Barbara who helped clear out the tour path of all the branches that fell after yesterday’s storm! Sorry to say that today’s storm has some more for us for tomorrow.

Senior and Master Keepers Rich, Matt, Barbara, Mazz and Sarah did a great job feeding, cleaning and doing Specialty Tours today.

Lots of sign offs today. - Angie Gabor

We fought off the rain as much as we could and it finally rained at 5:00. The rest of the day our interns lead tours with our amazing partners.

Darren Holley and Jennifer Holley fixed the platform in Lovey Bobcats’s enclosure and added a platform to Sioux and Lakota Bobcat’s enclosure. Dylan Lavigne Fred Pagan and jen r scrubbed Lovey Bobcat’s platform and added grass seed.

Fred Pagan weed eated one of the tiger enclosures that had some seious sawgrass in it.

Erin and jen r completed food prep. Cleaning , feeding, and operant signoffs were done as well. Sorry no pictures but we were busy busy busy!! -Jennifer Ruszczyk

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