Big Cat Briefing July 23 2019

03:03 · 2019

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Another super buggy day but thankfully not as hot as it has been.

Food prep was done, cleaned and double checked before lunch. Some of the cats diets were altered, the sheets and pull list have been updated to reflect that.

The interns did a clean up in Zucari Serval's enclosure ready for him to go home Thursday.

A clean up was also done in and around the empty tiger enclosure opposite Kali Tiger.

A lot of sticks were picked up around the sanctuary after the storms.

Bridget and MC did PM snacks, supplements and blood 'cicles.

Bridget, Lacy, MC, Bethann and Megan all helped with appeal letters at different times during the day.

The tent that holds the hospital cages was reorganized.

The freezer was reorganized ready for a mush delivery on friday

Sign offs were done for feeding, cleaning and operant.

We sent out private tours and an ed tour in the AM. Also 2 afternoon tours managing to miss the rain

Priya Tiger's left eye looked irritated. We are aware and photos were sent to the vets.

Great day overall, thank you to every that came in to help!

Thats it from me - Lauren Buckingham


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