Big Cat Briefing July 28 2019

04:30 · 2019

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I'm sending a huge THANK YOU to the following Volunteers who helped address Annual Appeal letters last evening. It was great to spend time with friends that I don't normally see due to work schedules. No doubt, you all have Writer's Cramp today, but the cats appreciate your efforts! BethAnn Bluder, Bethany Smith, Alyx Green, Deidra Ritchie, Julia Kiser, Chelsea Feeny, Lacy Benton, Honey Wayton, Jennie Jamison, Megan Myers, Stephanie Witherspoon, June Marsilia, Stephanie Garcia - Barbara Nicholas

Anyone getting hungry?? Lots of snacks and heavy apps! Thanks to Lauren Grant Babs Riddle Alyssa Weber and Lacy Benton for coming in last night to work on the Snack night Enrichment.
Thanks Rebecca Williams for finishing the paper mache for the beach ball for the volunteer party on the second. - Maureen Caulderon

Another rainy day! We were able to get all tours out as the lightning stayed away for the most part.

We got a mush delivery today. Interns and volunteers got together to get all 200 cases in the freezer.

Food prep got done before lunch. Then all of the interns except for Abbey and Fred went to tours.

Since it was raining, Steph, Mary J, myself, and Fred cleaned the porch of the keeper cafe. Two rat cages got fully cleaned, and we swept under all of them. Staff offices got swept and mopped after having a bunch of foot traffic from doing letters. - Afton Tasler


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