Big Cat Briefing July 5 2019

2019 | 4:12 | ANIMALS |

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It was a great Wednesday! Pretty hot out from the get go, but cloud coverage helped us out.

Interns Lexi, Erin A, Elizabeth, and Kate were able to get feeding sign offs in the morning thanks to Dylan and Fred.

Erin A, Elizabeth, Lexi and Fred worked on the empty cage by Keisha Tiger this morning while Gina rocked out food prep.

Marie, Sue, and Mary Lou gave out cicles in the afternoon heat.

It rained for a bit in the afternoon so some of our annual appeal letters were addressed thanks to the interns.

After the rain the cage by Keisha Tiger was worked on again, it’s almost finished and ready for Kali Tiger to move in!

I took Dylan, Kate, Lexi and Elisabeth to get operant conditioning and enrichment sign offs.

Thanks to our interns especially for working so hard in the heat today! - Erin Carden

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