Big Cat Briefing July 8 2019

03:55 · 2019

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Sunday "Fastday"

Tomorrow starts the 3 days of Panacur treatment (intestinal dewormer), so most cats were fasted today except the more elderly ones. Rebecca Williams, Jennifer Ruszczyk and Sarah Copel took care of feeding those while doing meds and supplements. I got in on the action when doing the second attempts on Keisha and Hoover tigers, who both did me the honor of eating almost their entire buckets.

Brittany Mira came in to feed/clean those playful rehab kittens Ash and Cinder, and then did the keeper tour for 11 guests, with Monisha Prema as her backup. Later in the day Nisha took her map test and passed with 100% correct.

Fred Pagan and Mazz Amirat finished up Kricket's back bubble so it is "move-in" ready for when she returns from Funcation. Then they jumped over to Tiger Row and cut back out the palmettos and raked leaves on the tour path. Jen and I cleaned out the drainage ditch that runs past Keisha's enclosure towards the lake. Jen found out that many snakes like to make that area their home!

We had a lot of walk-ins today for guests, but only Regina Turgeon and Edith Parker were in on the partner side, so interns Kate O'Gorman, Lexi Agri, Dylan Lavigne, Erin Payne, and Justin Barragan (who normally doesn't work on Sundays but had to make up days; so it was nice to meet him) covered the 10am and kids tours.

Deidra Ritchie, Mai Richardson and Erica Forbes cleaned our small cat sections, while Matt Ruszczyk, Jen, Rebecca, and Sarah did the bigs. It was mostly cloud covered all day so it kept the temps down. We had the loveliest, lightest shower at around 11am and fortunately no storms.

Afterwards, Rebecca, Sarah, Mazz and I did food prep. I had organized all the containers for each cat, (important when administering the Panacur) and realized we had no extras. So Kathryn made a run to Walmart and get a fresh supply of tupperware, new knives and cutting boards. Food prep is stocked!

Matt and Dede wanted to see the kittens in the cabana and while they were in there they cleaned all the windows, inside and out.

Our brush dumpster is now FULL, so Rebecca and Sarah ended their day doing an important indoor task - worked for an hour addressing the annual appeal letters.

Other various tasks were done at the end of the day to clean up the area by the hospitals and some operant signoffs were done.

Just another pleasant Sunday at Big Cat Rescue. - Lynda Licht


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