Big Cat Briefing June 1 2019

03:22 · 2019

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This is a great one to watch in a VR headset!

Another hot day!

Thank you to the interns and Stephanie Chaiser for getting 3 out of four sections of the Howell's enclosure done today. Thurston Bobcat was really excited to check it out.

Thank you to Abbey Rivett for showing Vito Z Holmes and Erin Ainslie how to do food prep. You three did a great job!

Lot of tour sign off today. Thank you to everyone that guided, shared, or backed up a tour. - Afton Tasler

Hot, Hot Hot!

We still managed to have a super productive day though :)

Sundari Leopard was brought home from Funcation. Tanya, Dylan, & Vito weed-eated in and around Funcation, Erin and Lauren filled in some holes that were found inside, then Manny Jaguar was moved in.

Lots of cages were cleaned down serval row: Servie Serval's front bubble, all of Sheena Serval's, & all of Kricket Serval's were done thanks to lots of help from Aleesa, Connie, Tanya, Dylan, Abbey, Brooklynne, Ashley, Lexi, Erin, Justin, Elizabeth, Vito, Kate, & Monisha! Some grass seeding still needs to be done, but we will have to wait for more top soil.

Tiger Lily Bobcat's enclosure was also completed being cleaned up!

Candy did sicles today, which the cats were very thankful for.

Thank you again everyone for your hard work today! - Lauren Grant

Thanks to everyone for coming to help the cats in the heat today. It was another hot one. We had a lot great volunteers come out to help.

Marie Cindy steph c and Brittany came out to feed.

Mary Lou came vout to clean along with June Matt and Gina.

As always our interns busted out another long full day of feeding cleaning and projects. Thanks to Tanya abbey Dylan mazz brook lexi Vito Justin Erin Elizabeth Kate Monisha

We were able to finish raking in the serval strip and all the way behind the Cougar "cubs". Thanks to Dylan for leading that project.

In the afternoon Tanya abbey Justin Vito Brooklynne Stephanie Elizabeth put finishing touches on Sundari Leopard ‘s cage so she can go home tomorrow.

Marie and Marylou handed out blood 'cicles to help cool off the cats in the afternoon.

That’s it for me!! - Kathryn Stapleton

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