Big Cat Briefing June 14 2019

03:38 · 2019

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Today was a great day! We managed to only have a small burst of rain, so we were able to get a lot done!

Intern Lexi Agri got a small cat feeding sign off today.

Gina Schopmeyer took her cougar cleaning class today, got a sign-off, and got a small cat feeding sign off as well!

Abbey Rivett took Gina through food prep, and they were finished before lunch. It’ll be great to have another person trained.

Bridget Sardone and Mary Gagliordi both got sign offs in big cat sections for cleaning, they’ll be finished with sign offs before we know it.

Bridget Sardone and I went around and picked up branches that had fallen in all this rain and wind we’ve been having.

Huge thanks to all of the Interns, Kathryn and Bridget; Nala Serval has a fresh clean enclosure to enjoy.

It ended up being a nice sunny afternoon and we had a few tours go out. Thank you everyone for working so hard for guests and for the cats today! That’s it for me! - Erin Carden

Very rainy day today! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped today!

Hutch Serval was brought home from Funcation and Priya Tiger was brought home from Vacation Rotation. Victor mowed both and the interns weed-eated as much of both as they could before the rain got to be too much. Ginger Serval is now out in Funcation and Kali Tiger is in Vacation. Priya Tiger has access to her enclosure and Kali's.

Because of the rain some inside projects were done. The interns and Taylor Tyree scrubbed the gift shop floor. Erin, Erin, Nisha, & Justin stayed in the gift shop to help organize some of the stock rooms. Mazz & Vito went through the small tupperwares and got rid of a lot of lids without bottoms. Abbey, Brooklynne, & Kate weed-eated around food prep and the dirt piles when the rain had subsided for a bit.

Taylor also took her cleaning class today so she can start training.

And the big news: Gerty is working again!! To keep her working we're making sure only a driver and passenger ride on her, and no one sites on the cargo area.

Thanks everyone for a great, productive day! - Lauren Grant


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