Big Cat Briefing June 17 2019

03:14 · 2019

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We had a couple of visitors last night at Enrichment! Kathryn and Afton Tasler stopped by. Afton brought us some donations and gave us the deadline for the project for Cigar City Brewing. We have until June 26 to make the beer cans. Lauren Grant Jennifer Holley Lacy Benton Bonnie Farago and I worked on our projects. Babs Riddle finished her cool butterfly. Babs Riddle and I got started on the next project. Thanks everyone for coming in to make Enrichment for the cats!!! - Maureen Calderon

Sunday 6-16-2019 - Happy Father's Day.

We had a typical summer day today. Hot and humid all morning and then BOOM - lightning strikes and deluge at 3pm.

Guests were smart enough to mostly come in the morning. Unfortunately the afternoon tour was canceled.

We had our usual Sunday crew today plus a new face: Mary Gagliordi. She joined Jennifer Ruszczyk, Brittany Mira, Rebecca Williams, Sarah Copel, Lacy Benton for feeding & then cleaning. Deidra Ritchie, Mai Richardson, Candice Casey and Stephanie Witherspoon were are small cat cleaning crew. They started the day washing down the guest golf carts and meds cart #8.

Rebecca Williams did the feeding tour and Sarah Copel did the keeper tour. Before the feeding tour, Rebecca went down Easy St to wash all the signs and cut back branches that were obscuring them (this was Jen R's idea!!) After the keeper tour, Sarah Copel handed out leftover enrichment and cicles. Lacy Benton was able to observe enrichment for her first time. Stephanie Witherspoon was able to see her favorite cat, Nala, get enrichment on her birthday (Stephanie's - not Nala's!) and had some kitten cabana time.

Partners handling tours included Edith Parker, Christine Hamblin, Marilyn Halpin, Regina Turgeon, and Erica Forbes. After tours Erica took her small cat cleaning class and then I showed her around food prep and took her behind barricade for first time. She's looking forward to her first cleaning day next weekend.

Interns Dylan Lavigne, Mazz Amirat, Erin Payne, Monisha Prema, Ashley Tait, and Kate O'Gorman, worked on Gilligan's enclosure - the side near Zucari - with help from Lacy and me (Lynda). We focused on the cage during the morning to avoid the rain.

Later in the day, Mazz, Erin and Kate did food prep after lunch. Rebecca did PM supplements and gave Beacher and Gilligan a PM snack before it started pouring.

All in all - another good day at BCR. - Lynda Licht


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