Big Cat Briefing June 20 2019

03:45 · 2019

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We had a lot of help today!
Thanks to Justin Vito Erin A the golf carts got cleaned in the AM
We had lots of hands for cleaning, thank you Marie, Alyssa, Mary Lou, Gina, Chris, Randy and Honey for coming in to help today!
Randy and Chris were able to get cleaning sign offs today, it’ll be great to have them move through the volunteer program!
The large empty cage by the servals was worked on through the day thanks to Devin, Dylan, Lexi, Vito, Justin, Abbey, Kate, Elizabeth Erin A, Nisha, and Erin P.
We managed to go until 4ish without rain and then everyone got soaked!
That’s it from me, a wet Wednesday. - Erin Carden

It was a very hot and humid day today with a few minutes of torrential downpour during cleaning.
Food-prep was finished early today thanks to Mazz Amirat and Gina Schopmeyer
Cindy Kuharek and Marie Schoubert did the cicle cats
There were a few projects completed today.
Justin Barragann spent a majority of the morning weed whacking from the lake bank of Dutchess to Keisha
The interns, Bridget Sardone, and Bethany Smith finished Lakota and Sioux's enclosure today and they now have full access.
The interns and Bridget Sardone also weed whacked around the front of food-prep and behind as well as along the white wall toward the gift shop.
A few of the interns also put the benches together and are now ready for Victor Alonsor to tighten the bolts (they are by food-prep)
Elizabeth Darby and Vito Z Holmes filled in the holes by the kitten cabana
Priya was given access again to Kali's enclosure as well
Thank you to everyone who helped out today! - Devin Saari

Bethany Smith joined us this evening and got right to work and made a beer can for our Cigar City Beer project. It looks great! Stephanie Garciareturned from her vacation and put the finishing touches on her flamingo for Priya. It’s so cute! She also helped paint a big flower I made. Lisa “I don’t work small” Alstein made the coolest cactus ever! Lauren Grantfinished her beautiful butterfly garden. Rebecca Williams finished her sunflower and helped make some flowers for Lauren’s garden. Alyssa Weber made a cool tree stump for Jen’s caterpillar to go on. I finished my big beer can and got started on two others. Thanks again for everyone coming in tonight to make cool stuff for the cats! - Maureen Calderon


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