Big Cat Briefing June 23 2019

02:39 · 2019

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We had another quiet but productive Sunday. So nice to start my day with Jennifer Ruszczyk and Brittany Mira who come in early to do meds and rehabs. Of course, I also love seeing Hoover first thing when I go to open the Outback gate.

Thanks also to Rebecca Williams, Sarah Copel, Mike Surdyk, Deidra Ritchie, Mai Richardson and Candice Casey for also coming in today to help feed and clean. Thanks to Edith Parker, Lisa Spencer-Novak, Regina Turgeon, Aleesa Salcido, Taylor Tyree and Marilyn Halpin for taking care of the gift shop and several tours. Barbara Nicholas was also in today and gave 2 private tours.

Intern Fred Pagan is back for his level 5. He had Sundays off for his levels 3 and 4 so I never saw him. It was great to have him on the schedule today. He mowed the area in the Call of the Wild area with help of the red shirts moving the benches out of the way, led the project of working in the big tiger lake enclosure (see attached photo - he was way back there working alone at first - but we could still see him so we are making progress!!) with Monisha Prema, Ashley Tait, Erin Payne, Lexi Agri, Mazz Amirat and then he supervised these level one interns doing food prep and also did PM supplements and snacks.

Dylan Lavigne did the feeding tour for a big group. Rebecca Williams led the keeper tour and then made sure all cicle cats were taken care of.

Intern Kate O'Gorman did her first feeding observation and intern Ashley Tait was able to get an operant signoff.

Dylan mowed the area in the morning and then after lunch Sarah Copel, Kate O'Gorman and I (Lynda Licht) worked on cleaning up the area between the big cage and the barricade down and around Dutchess's side and into the keeper parking area. The weeds were growing so tall they were higher than the barricade so I pulled them by the roots so hopefully most won't grow back (for now).

Lastly, a highlight of my day was giving a ceramic plaque to Deidra Ritchie with Nala serval's photo in appreciation of a $5,000 donation that Dede's employer made to commemorate her 30 years on the job. A photo sign will go on Nala's enclosure as well. Great job Dede and thank you so much! - Lynda Licht


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