Big Cat Briefing June 25 2019

2019 | 1:58 | ANIMALS |

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Another awesome Monday. We had a lot of help and got alot done.

Dylan finished food prep before lunch. Candy, Megan, MC and the interns worked on Priya Tiger's cage. Both the roofed and open air section were cleaned up.

Nikita Lion's open air section was mowed and weedeated. She also had a new water bowl put in.

Candy and I altered the door in Ginger Serval's safety gate so it now opens outwards instead of inwards.

The lake bank behind outback was mowed/weedeated, around to Hoover Tiger's first lockout.

From the back of the Gift Shop, around Moses and Bailey Bobcat to the Be The Cat cage, was weedeated and mowed.

The lake bank from Dutchess Tiger to Keisha Tiger and around Max & Maryann Bobcat was mowed and weedeated.

I swept outside of both of the hospitals.

Bethann and Cindy did PM cicles, which the cats were very happy for as it was so hot today!

Abbey is done with her recertifications.

Thank you everyone that came in today for pushing through the heat and getting so much done. As always i appreciate it!

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham

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