Big Cat Briefing June 26 2019

2019 | 1:56 | ANIMALS |

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Wonderful Wednesday today!

Ginger is home from funcation and we are still trying to get Kali Tigress into her transport cage.

Marie Schoubert did the blood 'cicle cats

The interns worked on a few projects today. The Cougar "cubs" old enclosure was worked on again and is starting to look really good!

The parking lot was trimmed so it looks nice for the guests.

Big tree branches were removed from the tiger lake enclosure up front and I also hog ringed a patch in that cage.

Fred Pagan and Mazz Amirat worked on food-prep in the afternoon.

There was even some time for enrichment at the end of the day!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard in the heat! - Devin Saari

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