Big Cat Briefing June 29 2019

01:46 · 2019

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It was a hot one but we only had to deal with rain and lightning for a short period of time in the mid afternoon. We had 3 red trainees for cleaning and 2 green keepers training on cleaning big cats. So thank you to Rich, Dylan, Amanda Fenick and Candice for training Barbara Ann, Mary Gagliordi, Jeff Lovering, Jeanine and Nicole. Amanda got her cougar enrichment sign off. Thank you to Rich for giving the feeding tour and to Maureen for giving the keeper tour. Dylan, Mazz and Erin cleaned, raked, grass seeded... the 2 inside bubbles of Breezy Bobcat's enclosure. Thank you to everyone for working so hard and together to take care of our beautiful cats. - Sue Messineo


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