Big Cat Briefing May 29 2019

02:05 · 2019

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It was a very hot and humid day today but we had tons of volunteers to help get cleaning, feeding, and projects completed!

Food-prep was finished later in the day thanks to Tanya Chute

Sharon Henry did the cicle cats

We did a ton of raking and weed eating all around serval row they made it all the way around from Gilligan to Kricket. Thank you to Tanya Chute, Vito Z Holmes, Erin Ainslie, Brooklynne Dillon, Elizabeth Darby, Kate O'Gorman, and Monisha Prema for working incredibly hard in the heat!

Also Erin Cardenn, Karma Hurworth, Jamie Veronica, and Victor Alonso were working hard in the cabana finishing up construction and the interns finished cleaning it after the construction was finished

Thank you to everyone who helped out today!


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