Big Cat Briefing Nov 16

2018 | 1:47 | ANIMALS |

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Great day today!!

The weather was awesome!! So the cats were champs today.

Even though it was flea meds day, we managed to get most of the cats to take them in the morning with their breakfast! There were a couple of holdouts, but most everyone did fantastic! Thanks to everyone who came to help prep and feed today!

Sundari Leopard had her 22nd Bday party thanks to Lauren Buckingham :) She enjoyed her small, but filling birthday 'cake'

Kathryn, Mary Jerome, and Chris Poole got all of our small cats their heating pads for their dens, as well as filled in some more hay in the dens.

Our awesome intern force were able to get loads of sticks and branches picked up at intern housing.

Cameron Lion, Hoover, and Andre, the tigers, were all eating champs today! Hopefully they can keep it up!

Thanks for a great day!! - Lauren Grant

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