Big Cat Briefing Nov 24

2018 | 1:24 | ANIMALS |

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Great day today!! We had lots of volunteers to help with caring for the big cats and cover the busy tours.

All tours were full today!! Since we had enough help, we were able to add another tour onto the day tour. That means the big cats got a little extra funding towards their care. Thank you everyone for who gave and backed up a tour!

All interns and Gale chipped in to get food prep done before lunch.

Chris and Tanya weed eated the main part of center.

Friday afternoons have become Team Afton and Steph C. There always seems to be some kind of adventure. We sometimes have to knock out food prep, spring into action to lock up cats during a tornado, work on cage projects, or surprisingly catching the feral kitten that was living under the keeper cafe. Through some strategy and teamwork, we successfully caught her in a live trap. We named her Marshelle (pronounced mar-shell - our middle names combined). She will have an exam with Karma on Monday.

Cameron was very hungry today!!! We was really liking red and chicken thighs. Keisha did good today as well!! - Afton Tasler

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