Big Cat Briefing Nov 26

2018 | 2:42 | ANIMALS |

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I don't usually coordinate on Saturday, so it's fun to see a different group of volunteers. It's funny how it's all the same procedures but each day has a different vibe to it.

We had a good amount of volunteers in the morning to get feeding and cleaning done. We also had a few partners (Dennis Mitchell, Christine Hamblin, Lisa Spencer-Novak, Matt Dawson, Holly Tifft, Jodina Chagnon) to help with morning and kids tours, so interns and I were able to do food prep before lunch. Good thing we got it done, because we were tight for the afternoon tours and there was no one left to do PM supplements and snacks. So if volunteers only have a few hours to come in, helping in the late afternoon would be SO great. Thankfully, Mary Jerome was still here to drive a golf cart for the last tour.

After cleaning, Matt Ruszczyk and Steven Becker raked in servals around Beacher, Hutch, Cyrus for a little while. They also replaced punctured hose by Chaos.

Rich Bluder had a full feeding tour (w/ Dylan Lavigne doing the speaking) and Babs Riddle had a full keeper tour. After the tour she went to the barn to pull more supplies to restock the cabin. She and BethAnn Bluder also made more cicles.

Thanks to Gale Ingham, Amanda Fenick, Stephanie Witherspoon, Andrew Myers (who backed up a kids tour too!) for coming in to clean this morning too.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Saturday without Becky Gagliardo who did AM meds, fed with Steven, helped with food prep and did the rehabs.

Thanks to everyone for all their help as always. - Lynda Licht

Beautiful weather today! We had a good amount of volunteers and interns so things went pretty smoothly. The interns were determined to get food prep done before they went to lunch and they accomplished their goal. Lauren, Becky, and Kathryn made sure all the cats got snacks and meds. We had plenty of cleaners in all sections. Mary took her enrichment class so now she will be looking for sign offs. We worked on the plamettos in tiger island and put rocks beneath their waterbowls. Des, brittany, and Rebecca led our specialty tours. Thats it for me! - Jennifer Ruszczyk

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