Big Cat Briefing Oct 10

2018 | 2:14 | ANIMALS |

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Little bit of a windy day today. We had just enough volunteers to get feeding and cleaning done.

All of the cats are still locked in their roofed sections in case we get some higher winds from the hurricane.

We did a little bit of hurricane prep today.

-Mike, Austin, Mazz made some sandbags that we put on the rat room door

-Tanya and Fred got all of the things off of the rat room floor in case of flooding

-Austin and Mike took the ladders down and put them on the ground

-Candy secured the painting supplies and blue bins under the white awning

-Mike and Dylan picked up sticks around the sanctuary

-Candy organized the cleaning area

Keisha was eating very well today and she is liking red and chicken breast.

Hover ate very well today as well!

Me and Kathryn made a tunnel that connects Hutches enclosure with Frosty's old enclosure. So Hutch now access to both enclosures.

Operant and Enrichment sign-offs were completed to today for volunteers and interns.

The cicle cats got their icy treats thanks to Victoria.

Food-prep was made for Panacur tomorrow. - Devin Saari

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