Big Cat Briefing Oct 16

2018 | 2:16 | ANIMALS |

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Last year, thanks to 13 fantastic Rescuers (a mix of staff and volunteers) we spoke to nearly 2,000 students at 25 schools! This is sort of a big deal, folks! Big Cat Rescue speakers are highly sought after by GATI organizers, but we can only commit to speaking at schools if we have volunteers to present! GATI is a full day event, with most schools looking for speakers between 8 am - 3 pm. Because we receive so many requests, we only commit to being at each school for one to two hours. GATI is our opportunity to introduce kids to Big Cat Rescue's work, inform them about the issues, and most importantly - empower them to be part of the solution! I'm still looking for volunteers to help out on Wed 11/14 & Thu 11/15. - Jennifer Leon

Another great day today with lots of volunteers coming out to clean feed and help with projects. It was nice to see some faces that dont usually come on mondays
Mike E painted the barricade by hoover, it looks great.
Candy and Fred got operant and enrichment sign offs.
Cindy made sure all the cats got their afternoon sicles.
Mary J, Candy, Steph C and some of the interns worked on sundaris cage throughout the day.
Cameron and keisha ate ok today. Both are liking pork and turkey breast.
We have no more pork, kathryn is aware, so whatever we have needs to be used wisely for the pickys.
Andre ate like a champ today, for me this morning, kathryn for the dodo and then MC at meds time.
We sent out 3 tours at 3pm so had lots of happy guests - Lauren Buckingham

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