Big Cat Briefing Oct 29

2018 | 2:01 | ANIMALS |

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Everyone was wearing their hoodies and long shirts as it was in the 50's this morning. We all loved it and so did the cats. Sure did make them hungrier. Even Hoover chased me down mid-morning for more.

We had an ROTC workgroup here that weed-whacked and cleaned up the rehab area with help of interns Dylan and Mazz.

Reise went back outside mid day and she is loving it. Mary J cleaned the transport cage and Tanya deep cleaned the outside recovery cage.

Tanya and partner trainee Mehul cleaned the tourpath in the corner near Priya, Kali and cubs.

After cleaning, Jen R went around with limb lopers and cut those pesky low lying little limbs that grow out of the trees that is Carole’s #2 pet peeve. She also pulled a bunch of burr plants and vines.

Alec, Tanya, Mehul and I helped Carole clean up the party house and take down all the Halloween party decorations. There are leftovers and snacks in the Keeper Cafe.

Mazz passed her map test - congrats!

Sadly, we helped Babycakes pass over today. He lived a phenomenally long life and was very very loved. - Lynda Licht

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