Big Cat Briefing Sept 18

01:43 · 2019

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Today was very hot and humid but we had lots of volunteers come out to help clean and feed.

Food prep was finished before lunch so we had time for projects in the PM.

Macs old enclosure was finished and clean up started around the outside

The roof section of seths enclosure was done. He was given full access before we left this evening

Interns and volunteers, that needed them, got operant/enrichment sign offs

Cameron did not come for food or his meds this morning or in the evening. If he comes to the roof section tomorrow we need to try locking him in to give us a better chance at getting food/meds in him

Frosty ate well this morning but ate only a few pieces PM with his med. i put a ceramic dish into his cage so i could leave food overnight. I left 5oz grd turkey and turkey pieces

Natalia was looking a little better today. She had a second cage added so she has more space

Hoover ate well over night but left both his meds and supplement. I left him 10lbs of food for tonight, his meds are in ckn breast.

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham


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