Big Cat Briefing Sept 29

01:32 · 2018

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Steph C. and Mary J. were rock stars on projects! They cleaned up and cleared out the area between the enrichment cabin and the gate to the onsite housing. Steph also weed eated around Frankie’s enclosure on the outside.

Devin and I ran around getting large enrichment out of cages, taking care of today’s maintenance log, except for Skippers cage because he wasn’t going to shift, fixing Kricket’s door, supplementing and snacking, and helping with PM chores. Steph also rocked out PM chores as well.

Gale packed up and removed everything from the front room of the hospital and swept and mopped. Then I set it up for Frosty’s new set up. He has been doing very well and was very hungry today!

We had a night tour, so we all worked together to finish in time to let the level 1 interns go home and freshen up and grab a bite to eat before coming back. - Afton Tasler


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