Brittany Cufaude, Founder, Joyful Classrooms LLC, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 31:31 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |


Your Joyer Journey has begun. Together, we can create a joyful and effective teaching practice and change the world! Here at Joyful Classrooms, we support high-impact and effective teaching through content creation, courses, practical information, and support. We believe in the power of great instruction. We love to embrace interdependence to improve our students’ outcomes. Therefore, when you become a vendor with Joyful Classrooms, you can create and sell your education content for the highest commission around. Together, we can improve ourselves, our course content, and our students’ future.Become a vendor, create and sell content to other teachers, and maximize your side-hustle potential!

Our site is packed full of invaluable information for teachers, with a range of courses open to members, and opportunities to create a lucrative side-hustle selling educational content to other members of the teaching community. Our core values at Joyful Classrooms are authentic connections, learning obsession, team interdependence.

Begin your Joyer Journey today!

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