Cameron Lion 7 Years Ago

01:33 · 2018

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Cameron Lion was born 10/1/2000 and rescued on 5/3/04. He was neutered in 2014 and lost his mane, but that may have saved his life because we discovered and removed a tumor that would not have been visible in that thick fur. He's been on the fussy cat list for as long as I can remember; meaning that keepers beg him throughout the day to eat. For the past week his appetite and zest for life has been steadily declining. Tonight we will sedate him, draw blood and make a decision. If his kidney values aren't much worse than the last time, we will give him a big shot of Depo-Medrol, to see if that helps him any, but if his kidney values are worse, it may be time to let him go. This video was 7 years ago and how I like to think of him.


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