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2019 | 12:36 | LIFESTYLE |

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Community TV with Adaire....aannddd the winner is!?!

Art is therapeutic by nature. The act of engaging in something creative is beneficial to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Last week we had our first onsite program with Mags Griesbach from Innersee Creative Counselling. Mags generously offered a 90 minute session of Art Therapy to one lucky winner. Today we drew that winner randomly. Congratulations Sue Davos Giacobbe! Mags will be in touch!

Art Therapy with a qualified therapist differs in that the focus is not on the finished product or artwork but is all about the insights and processing that occurs in the brain during engagement with specific activities. This allows the unconscious to become conscious and is about making meaning in a way not previously considered.

Connect with Mags here:

Mags has an event coming up you're invited to! If you live in Adelaide pop over to The Art Therapy Experience and pop in the code BELIVETV and get $19 off the price. (This offer is still available. There are a couple of spots left, so be quick!)

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