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Community TV with Adaire.

Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV
from me, where Adaire talks to people in the community
who are doing amazing things to add value to the lives of
people around them.

It could be meditation, a yoga class, learning to cook,
reading Tarot cards or healing, physical fitness or
gardening. Whatever you are interested in, it's going to be
covered here.

Join Adaire and her special guests as we explore information and ideas that will help you live a fuller, more happier and productive life. Connect with us here to take advantage of freebies that are often given away on our shows. (Eg; Free skin care samples, free entry to workshops, free online courses like weightloss)

We're live onsite for the first time with Mags at Innersee Creative Counselling Art Therapy Studio! Join us for this experiential show and see what happens live as Mags Griesbach takes Adaire Palmer through the Art Therapy experience.

Meri Griesbach is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist with a passion to help people looking for ways to manage Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Life Transitions.
Through her own life experiences she has developed a unique insight and philosophy around healing from trauma and brings a highly personal and empathetic approach to her Art Therapy practice.

Meri offers individual and group Art Therapy from her beautiful studio in Seacliff, which has been purposefully fitted out to facilitate free creativity and expression.

Innersee Creative Counselling is the house of no mistakes where it’s ok to be not ok.

She has a firm belief that given the right environment, free of judgement and assumptions, we all have the ability to find solutions within ourselves.

Her journey to self discovery has led her to her life’s purpose and nothing makes her happier than bringing her expertise to help others do the same.

About the session

Debunking some myths about Art Therapy

Through an interactive demonstration Meri will be showing you what kinds of things you can expect from an art therapy session and how it differs from engaging in art for personal wellbeing.

Art is therapeutic by nature. The act of engaging in something creative is beneficial to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Art Therapy with a qualified therapist differs in that the focus is not on the finished product or artwork but is all about the insights and processing that occurs in the brain during engagement with specific activities. This allows the unconscious to become conscious and is about making meaning in a way not previously considered.

Connect with Mags here:

Mags has an event coming up you're invited to! If you live in Adelaide pop over to The Art Therapy Experience and pop in the code BELIVETV and get $19 off the price.

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