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Community TV with Adaire.

Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV
from me, where Adaire talks to people in the community
who are doing amazing things to add value to the lives of
people around them.

It could be meditation, a yoga class, learning to cook,
reading Tarot cards or healing, physical fitness or
gardening. Whatever you are interested in, it's going to be
covered here.

Join Adaire and her special guests as we explore information and ideas that will help you live a fuller, more happier and productive life. Connect with us here to take advantage of freebies that are often given away on our shows. (Eg; Free skin care samples, free entry to workshops, free online courses like weightloss)

Cameron is passionate and determined. His childhood inner experience was turmoil. He was always emotional, anxious and depressed. He didn’t like the path he was on.

Cameron was introduced to Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) when he was 17 by a friends Mum, and has been practicing ever since.

He went on to become a qualified practitioner in EFT. Anxiety depression and mental/ emotional health and wellbeing has always been close to his heart through his own experience and seeing loved ones face the same battles.

Cameron now works with people who are experiencing disadvantaged lifestyles through mental health issues, drug and alcohol addictions.

Cameron invites you to join his free facebook group that’s centered around stress relief, confidence and self esteem building. With tips and insight to dealing with stress, emotional overwhelm, anxiety and depression. You’ll find his group here:

If you know of anyone who could use Cameron’s help, please connect them here (Send a message):

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