Community TV with Adaire. Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV from me, where Adai

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Community TV with Adaire. Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV from me, where Adaire talks to people in the community who are doing amazing things to add value to the lives of people around them. It could be meditation, a yoga class, learning to cook, reading Tarot cards or healing, physical fitness or gardening. Whatever you are interested in, it's going to be covered here. Join Adaire and her special guests as we explore information and ideas that will help you live a fuller, more happier and productive life. Connect with us here to take advantage of freebies that are often given away on our shows. (Eg; Free skin care samples, free entry to workshops, free online courses like weightloss)
Jane Whiting is a Relationship Coach, and Art of Feminine Presence Teacher who loves helping women who are committed to their personal growth bring more love, harmony and feminine energy into their world. Jane's quest for growth includes being a senior student of the O&O Academy in India which is a philosophy and wisdom school for spiritual awakening and transformation. Jane’s personal challenges and transformation inspires her deeply to empower as many women as possible to experience their innate wisdom and feminine energy so they too can have the love, life and relationships they truly deserve. AFP Intro The Art Of Feminine Presence empowers women to develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention they want personally and professionally. In the pursuit of equality and power, many women have taken on a more masculine role. In their desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality, and their feminine energy, that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant power—and is what men desire most. Find Jane here: Jane Mary Coaching and here:

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