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CryptoCurrencyWire Videos-The Wild West Crypto Show Exposes Fake Gold Scam | CryptoCurrencyWire on The Wild West Crypto Show | Episode 116

Season 1, Episode 24 | 2020 | 6:32 | CRYPTO |

Episode 116 of the Wild West Crypto Show, titled “Cryptos Looking Strong,” was chock-full of good stuff. The show, hosted as usual by Drew Taylor and Brent Bates, featured three pioneering crypto pros: Jon Allen of the Unitize Conference, Josh Tate from ForumPay, and a special segment featuring Bo “Knows” Polny, who declaimed on face masks, the Fourth of July holiday, and gold and silver, which he says are “God’s money.” Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire, also appeared with his usual trio of newsbreaks, one of which recounted a fake gold scam in China. In addition, listeners enjoyed commentary on cryptocurrencies and the big board indices, all of which are looking strong. Bitcoin, for instance, maintains its position above $9,000, while stocks continue to rise from their low point in mid-March.

Allen talked at length about his project, a collaboration of Cointelegraph’s BlockShow and the popular San Francisco Blockchain Week. Scheduled for July 6–10, the Unitize Decentralized Digital Conference delivered content continuously to audiences on a near-daily basis ( The event offered participants a chance to hear expert speakers on crypto and blockchain, as well as visit virtual exhibitions, interactive lounges and chat rooms. Networking was never so easy. An audio stream was available, so those who couldn’t take part fully still had a way to participate.

Speakers included the Hon. Hester Peirce, SEC commissioner; Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum; Silvio Micali, Turing-Award cryptographer and founder of Algorand; Tim Draper, founder of DFJ VC; California Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg; and Alessandro Chiesa, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Zcash & StarkWare.

During his segment on the show, Tate explained how his crypto payments platform is helping small businesses expand the range of payment options they offer their customers ( ForumPay can be integrated into an online merchant’s standard payment solution in only a few easy steps. The platform is a good way for online retailers to increase their customer base, as more and more people are paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

Keim launched his triplet of updates with the headline “Curv Raises $23M Series a Round; Launches tX to Accelerate Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets” ( Curv, a start-up that provides crypto custody services to institutions, has developed a platform to manage digital assets. The company’s security technology allows cryptofinance products to be safely stored and transferred on a blockchain. News of the funding was accompanied by announcement of the launch of a community of cryptographers and engineers — tX — who use Curv’s keyless technology.

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