Curtis Boyd, Founder & CEO, Objection Co. A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Curtis Boyd, Founder & CEO, Objection Co. A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Curtis Boyd and Objection Co:

Curtis Boyd is the Founder who conceptualized Objection Co. Chris Boyd has leading expertise in Online Reputation Management. Chris Boyd gave Objection Co the direction for the reputation technology. Mr. Boyd worked as a consultant with so many reseller in the online reputation software space , he saw a lack of tools that provided insight to why bad reviews qualify for removal and what to do about them. Objection Co is paving the way for identifying illegitimate content online. In this very interesting interview, Curtis Boyd shares the details of how works for companies and consumers

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You can order a report for a single business, or get a marketplace report of an entire area/industry. By knowing which of your competitors are using fake reviews/deceptive marketing practices you can

help google administrators remove fake reviews by flagging/disputing illegitimate content (spam fighting)
submit documents to licensing boards for disciplinary actions
- Medical Board
- State Bar
- Contractors License Board
- many more!

help your community make better spending decisions

Major review websites rely heavily on back-end technical aspects of reviewer profiles when filtering spam/fraud. This includes things like:
- IP Address
- MAC Address
- Email Address
- Engagement Metrics
- Browser and Operating System, Mobile Devices, ect.

There are sophisticated black-hat astroturfers who are evading detection.

We take a completely different approach to assist in identifying review fraud by looking at front-end technical aspects, that can be aggregated into large datasets as segmented metrics and analyzed by neural networks. We use statistical analysis on each metric as it relates to predicting the legitimacy of reviewer profiles and review content.

We also use AI frameworks like NLP-BERT and NLP-NLTK with topical segmentation to help understand the intent of review content in terms of why someone is posting feedback. The biggest question we ask ourselves, is the intention of this review to defraud a user?

At the end of the day, most reviews are legitimate but fake reviews are a huge problem for some businesses and are driving them into bankruptcy. Our organization's mission is to help businesses display more truthful reviews about their business and to solve the rampant fake review problem plaguing the internet.

If your a business, that wants to start on a journey for more truthful reviews about your business online, we would love the opportunity to serve you.

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If your a review publisher/reputation management software interested in review fraud analytics for your customers. Please contact us.
Once illegitimate reviews are identified, our AI prepares EVIDENCE so that you can successfully dispute the reviews and have them removed permanently.

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