Davey and Goliath's Snowboard

2021 | 44:13 |

Davey and Goliath’s Snowboard Christmas is an action-packed holiday special that is perfect for the whole family. Through the magic of stop-motion animation, we follow Davey and his talking dog, Goliath, on an exciting snowboarding adventure. During this adventure Davey learns some dazzling snowboard maneuvers. He also learns some very important lessons about the real meaning of Christmas and about understanding and respect for people who are different than he is. Of course, no Davey and Goliath story would be complete without Davey getting in trouble, even after being cautioned by Goliath, his faithful companion and conscience. Snowboard Christmas is no exception. Davey messes up—big time—in this story. Not only does he get himself into a very dangerous situation, but also his two new friends, Sam and Yasmeen. Maybe not even Goliath will be able to save the day this time. As the story unfolds, we meet all the main characters from classic Davey and Goliath episodes including Davey’s parents, his sister Sally, and his best friends Jonathan and Cisco. Other new characters make appearances too, including Ranger Ava and some animal friends for Goliath 

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