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2019 | 2:28 | INSPIRATION |

This life hack is all about the power your personal life story has on every level of your well being. This includes not only your personal experience of every moment of every day it also has a complete impact on your health, your relationships and even your bank account!

The problem most people have with this idea is that they aren’t always happy with the things they are experiencing in their lives. Maybe some stuff is great, but other stuff not so much. The great stuff isn’t the issue because everybody is happy to take credit for the good, it’s the other stuff that no one enjoys taking responsibility for. However, it’s when you can take responsibility for all of the good and the not so good, that your true power lives.

When you don’t like something but you are willing to at least consider that your personal story, or the story you are telling about this particular thing, is contributing to your experience, you are actually empowering yourself to be able to do something about it. This is important to understand and to implement in your life, right now.

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