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2019 | 2:49 | INSPIRATION |

This life hack is reviewing the concept of goals which is one everyone deserves to review as well as come to a level of understanding within themselves regarding their feelings towards goals. Goal setting is seen as something very valuable in fact there have been many books written about goal setting in just about every industry. Weight loss teaches the concept of goals, as does every sales organization out there. Life goals are preached about when you work with a life coach, as are health goals and so on. From earning money to relationships, goals are connected to whole life success.

But . . . What if the idea of goals or the word itself doesn’t resonate? What if the very idea of goals is uninspiring to you?

What do you do if this age-old principle doesn’t work for you and your mindset and you struggle continually attempting to align yourself with goals when you really don’t want to. Often goals can reflect success however equally as true is that the idea of goals can also reflect failure to those who attempt to set them and achieve them.

There can be many reasons why goals don’t work for you, including the idea that you have to set them, therefore you have to know what they are, even when you don’t. If you don’t know what your goals should be then the natural thing to do is to listen to everyone else’s idea of what they should be for you. While advise from someone qualified can indeed be powerful, more often then not, the people that want to give you advise are usually not qualified to do so! Knowing yourself at this level is extremely important to your future.

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