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2019 | 2:37 | INSPIRATION |

This life hack is all about the reality of choosing happiness and what it takes to get there. You can have a lot in life but if you aren’t happy then no matter what else you have, it will always be missing something. Happiness is not a pill, it’s not a magic formula and it’s not the result of anything you may have done. All of these things can contribute to happiness certainly, however the bottom line is, absolutely, that happiness in it’s purest form comes from choice. No matter what is happening in your life you can decide to be happy.

No one can argue that life has its ups and downs. The ups when they happen make it seem so much easier to be happy because it’s much easier to take credit for them. When things go well, it’s wonderful and absolutely effortless to say, yes . . . I did! When the downs happen happiness is usually the first thing to go. It is replaced by disillusionment and angst. When the downs take you into a downward spiral, happiness can feel elusive at best and even impossible at worst.

This episode is designed to give you three concrete and doable steps to assist you in finding and keeping your happiness so it is a tangible choice available to you at any time. Struggles may find you, but happiness can take you through them with grace. Choosing to be happy is one of the simplest things you can do in your life that will forever transform your quality of life to the highest level possible.

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