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2019 | 2:37 | INSPIRATION |

This life hack is all about the thoughts you think and the voices in your head! What thoughts? There are no voices in my head . . . is exactly what those thoughts and voices may be saying to you right now, and this is exactly what this episode is all about.

Understanding what the voices are all about that live inside your head because it’s there and has been there all the way along. The reality is either the voices in your head rule your life, or you rule those voices! You can ignore them or you can tune into them and begin to understand how they impact you and your life every single day. The biggest shocker may also be whose voice is talking and telling you things disguised as your voice! It could be your mom, your dad, or your grandmother, it could also be a teacher or some other influential individual that has impacted your life every step of the way.

The importance of finding your inner voice and giving it permission to express beyond the noise of anyone and everyone else is that it will have a huge influence over the rest of your life. It will give you great depth and also put you firmly in charge of where you want your future to be.

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