DesignersTV Featured Fashion Film Series x DILARA KIRMIT

00:53 · 2019

DesignersTV Featured Fashion Film ( FFF ) Series
x DILARA KIRMIT ( Dtv Turkey Global Fashion Curator )

Director: @lamrdvn
D.O.P: @frdyarar & @tayfunsenturk
Edit: @smhatss
Oyuncu: @kirmitdilara
Colorist: @smhatss
Styling: @kirmitdilara
Makeup: @makeupberatyer
Drone: @ck_sanatist
Producer: @koraykefal

Turkey’s youngest fashion editor and blogger, DILARA KIRMIT.
Dilara has gained a Fashion TV reward due to her works in both digital and printed commentaries. Stay Tuned for more contents.

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