EP 103: Purpose Hacking & Winspiration with Wolfgang Sonnenburg

58:55 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Wolfgang Sonnenburg about Purpose Based Business & Winspiration.  Born in Germany and growing up during post-WWII, Wolfgang Sonnenburg has always felt there was more to life and what he was put on this earth to accomplish. He was a successful lawyer and CEO of a tax accounting firm but after realizing he was on the wrong path and not truly living his purpose, he decided to make a radical change leaving his business behind and starting on a new journey. He since then has become a successful author, network marketing guru and sought-after consultant teaching clients in various avenues to discover their purpose, define their vision and make purpose driven profit. Wolfgang’s motto is "purpose before profit. Better the whole world against me than my soul" which is also the names of one of his books.

Devi and Wolfgang discuss:

Wolfgang's inspiring personal journey to finding his soul's purpose 
"Apples" vs "Pears"
The defining moment when he chose to leave his successful law practice
Moving from a million in debt to millions in income, following his soul path
Discovering the "essence" of what you really want to do
The gift of choosing to do what your soul tells you to do
What does a business need to exist?
The connection between market leadership and living your purpose
Aligning the company's mission with the leader of the company
The legacy of the "O" in CEO 
Government made for the people, not the institution
Spiral Dynamics and the cycle of "Me" and "We"
The importance of moving out of survival state
The Winspiration Movement 
We are the creator of what happens
What is happening on Winspiration Day

and more… Tune in to Winspiration Day's free Super Stream and watch Wolfgang teaching along with 100+ speakers... myself included!

http://winspirationday.org/may-7th-2018   Connect with Wolfgang on his website @ www.WolfgangSonnenburg.com   and @ www.WinspirationDay.org

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