EP 118: Going "Up on the Mount'"

06:06 · 2018

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(Devi Download) In this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi shares with you an experience that she had this week that is a great reminder for all of us about making time for what is most important in life.  It all started with a practice that her Grandma used to have and is referenced by what her grandpa used to call it. We hope that you will enjoy this story from her youth and that it will instruct your life this week, as it has hers.  We would love to hear from you over on Facebook (Facebook.com/spiritualentrepreneurpodcast ) or on our show blog (SpiritualEntrepreneur.com )...  Let us know your practice for going "up on the mount'"!  Connect with Devi on her website @ deviadea.com   or on Facebook: Facebook.com


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