EP 119: Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Awakening Journey with Melanie Benson

39:47 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Melanie Benson about “Entrepreneurship as A Spiritual Awakening Journey”. Melanie is an Optimizer and has a gift for guiding fast-paced, mission driven entrepreneurs to thrive as they emerge as leaders in their business and industry.

With over 15 years mentoring high achieving game changers, Melanie is a revenue strategist – removing productivity and progress detailers while identifying high payoff, profit-boosting opportunities that position the entrepreneur to achieve their dream business.

Melanie is a lifestyle enthusiast and spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world.

Devi and Melanie discuss:

• Melanie's extraordinary entrepreneurial journey
• Melanie's spiritual practices for business
• How to become a person who can thrive no matter what
• How to start a spiritual journey through entrepreneurship
• Realizing that being spiritual is not enough
• Learning how to market yourself
• How to be at peace and fall in love with the marketing side of your business
• How to start or move forward through an obstacle 
• What to do when you are "falling apart" and "being blocked"
• The inquiry process that Melanie uses
• Falling in love with marketing and sales
• The idea of Bold Goals
• Being willing to do Bold Goals to achieve what you want
• How to get past your fear
• The importance of having community around you
• Sharing your Bold Goal with people around you
• Bold Goals for your business
• The "4 Prompt Approach"
• Teaching the body to be limitless
• Knowing the difference between fear and intuition
• Learning the difference between feeling contractive and feeling expanded

and more…

Connect with Melanie on her website @ MelanieBenson.com and RewiredForWealth.com


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