EP 120: Tips for Spiritual Empaths to Thrive in Business & Relationships with Natasha Che

44:30 · 2018

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Natasha Che is the founder of Soundwise, the world’s first audio publishing platform that gives podcasters detailed knowledge about their subscribers and the ability to reach out to subscribers in multiple ways. Natasha is also a personal growth teacher, an award-winning podcaster, and a contributing author to the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Georgetown University.

Devi and Natasha discuss:

• Natasha's extraordinary empathic life
• Natasha's favorite practice as an empath
• Definition of an Empath
• Taking on other people’s energy
• Your own empathic traits
• The reflective and philosophical side of being empathic
• Perceiving other people’s emotions
• The process of transforming emotions or energy
• Living more intentionally as an empath
• Creating your sacred or safe space
• Tips on how to embrace your gift as an empath
• Your ability to be empathic
• Distinguishing your feelings as an empath
• Awareness through your feelings
• Embracing your feelings with love
• Utilizing your empathic gifts in your business
• Identifying other people’s energy or point of view
• The role of an empathic person in your business
• Setting your intention before going into a situation
• Taking your first step in any direction
• Finding more clarity and more purpose to make better decisions

and more…

Connect with Natasha on her podcast @ School of Intuition natashache.com/school.

To Sign up for Soundwise, visit https://mysoundwise.com/ (Coupon Code: PodcastonPurpose)


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