EP 131: Coming Out Of Your Shell So That You Can Sell with Emerald Peaceful Green Forest

42:08 · 2018

(Septemberfest) In this episode Devi chats with Emerald Green Peaceful Forest about “Coming Out Of Your Shell So That You Can Sell". Emerald Peaceful Green Forest is an internationally known Speaker, Transformation Artist and Hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast, hired by inspired executives and visionary change agents to who want to become crystal clear in their vision, wholeheartedly committed to their mission and massively motivated to advance their biggest ideas and profit from their purpose.

Devi and Emerald discuss:

• Emerald’s journey into her spiritual awakening
• Learning how to sell yourself
• Recognizing and delivering your gifts
• Selling your gifts
• Questioning your sanity
• How to receive your own transformation
• Acknowledging and honouring the value of your gifts
• The 5 Steps to selling (S.H.E.L.L)
• Standing your ground and owning your greatness
• Holding your space
• Loving what you have to offer
• Valuing yourselves and your gifts
• Finding and identifying your clients
• About the perfect prospect process
• Employing your gifts
• Her skunk medicine methods
• About opening your business to the right people
• Circulating your money with love and gratitude through service
• Standing your ground
• Spirituality and money

Connect with Emerald on her website @ emeraldgreenforest.com

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/emeraldpgreenforest


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